Shanghai Ritchey Seeds Co.,Ltd. is a professional private enterprise mainly engaging in businesses such as vegetable seeds, fruit seeds and flower seeds. It was established in June 2003.

Our company has been keeping close watch on the latest achievements in research and development of new varieties of dynamic and abroad and we have very close cooperation relations with many famous foreign seed companies. We are strong in variety supply such as Shanghai Bak choi, shallot, broccoli, cauliflowerm, cabbage. The varieties we distribute such as “Huawang GreenTerrier”, “Huamei GreenTerrier”, “Magpie Broccoli”, “Spring Color Cabbage”, “Green Show Cabbage”, “Gold Medal Shallot” and “Late Bolting Shallot”own unanimous praise in the industry as well as farmers' trust and approval.

Our company will do variety comparative test to select superior varieties to speed up the development of new varieties. We commit ourselves to excellent provenance supply to planting base and farmer households so as to raise the farmers' income.

With the aim of “farmers become prosperous first” and the management idea of “Integrity, Innovation, Service”, our company provides formers with high quality seeds and provides citizens with various vegetables. Also we continue to expand our business to spread the Ritchey’s improved varieties all over China.